Tom a' Chòinich

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8th August 2020

A long walk to the bottom of Munro number 5 took us well into Glen Affric.

A couple of river crossings thankfully didn't prove too challenging and before we knew it, we we're ascending quickly. The crescent ridge leading to the summit wasn't as narrow as we feared and we were making good progress... until the wind came! 

Being exposed on the ridge meant we really felt the wind as it drove up the side of the mountain. We edged onward and made the summit just as the rain arrived.

The wind and rain combined to make for a very unpleasant initial descent, but we dropped out of the clouds reasonably quickly and once we were off the ridge the wind let up (even if the rain didn't!). 

Drowned rats would be a fairly appropriate description, but we made it!  Five down, ten to go!

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