My Name'5 Doddie Foundation


Having given it plenty of thought we have decided to make the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation the charity that we will be raising funds for. Whilst all MND charities provide great support to sufferers and their families, we wanted to support a charity who are focused on funding research into potential cures or treatment. Doddie Weir decided to launch his charity in 2017 following his own MND diagnosis with the main aim of furthering research into MND and funding clinical trials. 

The My Name'5 Doddie Foundation have given their full backing to our fundraising challenge which you can read about here.

The following has been taken from the My Name'5 Doddie Foundation website:

"The My Name’5 Doddie Foundation has two aims: firstly, to raise funds for research into the causes of MND and investigate potential cures, and, secondly, to make grants to sufferers of MND and enable them to live as fulfilled a life as possible.

My Name’5 Doddie Foundation was established by Doddie and the trustees in response to his frustration at the lack of options given to MND sufferers – no effective treatment, no access to meaningful clinical trials and no hope.

We could have given our funds to existing charities and bodies to invest on our behalf, but we wanted to be able to make our own decisions and direct funds to where we felt they could have the biggest impact.

With this in mind, we reached out to leading neuroscientists, professors and medical researchers and invited them to become part of our Advisory Panel. We now regularly engage with the research community to seek their advice and to help us better understand MND and work towards finding a cure.

We have already been able to help people through some individual grants, but we also know that charities such as MND Association and MND Scotland have the necessary experience and resources to administer and manage this process, making sure we help the people who need it most.

That is why we have given these two leading charities funds to help people living with MND adapt their homes and also to fund respite activities for carers."

For further information on the My Name'5 Doddie foundation and Doddie Weir himself, please visit their website.

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