Beinn Sgulaird

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27th July 2021

After only a day to recover from the previous hike up Meall a' Bhùiridh and Creise, legs were still a little weary (and sunburnt) as we set off.

However, we got into our stride quickly and the walk up Beinn Sgulaird was very enjoyable. We dipped in and out of the cloud the whole day giving us brief, but impressive, views of the surrounding area. Having strayed off the main path a little in the mist, we did have to make a slight route adjustment but soon found ourselves back on course; it turns out everyone we spoke to on the hill had done the same!

As luck would have it, the clearest part of the day was when we reached the summit, which meant we could fully enjoy ticking off Munro number 11/15. Not long after starting the descent we heard some distant rumbles of thunder. Thankfully it never arrived with us, but needless to say it did speed us up a little!

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