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25th July 2021

After making sure we were rehydrated and had eaten our fill after the gruelling ascent of Meall a' Bhùiridh, we continued on to Creise.

By this point, the sun was at it's highest, and the heat really was making the walk difficult. The ridge between the two Munros wasn't too steep, but some light scrambling took a bit of negotiating. After heading up the opposite side of the ridge, we arrived at a large plateau, which allowed a very gentle stroll to the cairn at the summit of Creise.

Having taken much longer than expected due to the heat, we didn't hang around too long, and made our way back the way we came. The ridge seemed slightly easier on the way back, and thankfully the hottest part of the day had now passed and the rest of the decent was much more pleasant.

We arrived back at the Ski Centre sunburnt but very happy to have ticked off Munro number ten; taking us to 2/3 of the way through the final 15.

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