Sgùrr Mòr

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22nd May 2021

After what seemed like the longest winter ever, we were itching to get back to the hills and continue our Munro challenge.

We made the decision that due to the remoteness of Sgùrr Mòr it was beyond us to complete this one in a day. So we made a plan to take tents and camp in Glen Kingie at the foot of Sgùrr Mòr, allowing us to complete the walk from Glendessary over 3 days.

The extra weight of the bags with all of the camping equipment definitely made for a tough first day, but our target of reaching and crossing the river Kingie was met with plenty of time to get the tents up before getting dinner on the go!

Leaving the tents behind, the walk to the summit of Sgùrr Mòr the following day was long but very enjoyable. The weather was mostly on side, and afforded us some incredible views. The added bonus of a good path virtually the whole way was very welcome!

On the final day we packed up the tents and headed back towards Glendessary, feeling very weary but delighted to have ticked off the eighth of our Final 15 Munros!

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