Sgòr na h-Ulaidh

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15th September 2021


A good forestry track took us through the first section of the walk, leading to the glen between Beinn Fhionnlaidh (climbed a few weeks previous) and Sgòr na h-Ulaidh. We also had some brief views of one of our other Munros Beinn Sgulaird before the mist descended.

The mostly pathless walk through the glen was a bit of a trudge, particularly after the previous walks during the week. The brief glimpses of Sgòr na h-Ulaidh had us a little worried about the steepness of what lay ahead. And once we started the real ascent there was some slightly nervous chatter.

However, we overcame the nerves, continued up the steep sides of Sgòr na h-Ulaidh, and before we knew it we were at the summit of Munro number 15, and had successfully completed Dad's Munro round on his behalf. A pretty incredible feeling which won't be forgotten by any of us anytime soon.

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