Meall a' Bhùiridh

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25th July 2021

We faced an unexpected complication on route to our ninth Munro; the Scottish sun!

Starting from the Glencoe Mountain Ski Centre car park, the first section of the walk was shrouded in mist keeping us reasonably cool. There were murmurings from some of the party about taking the chair lift up the first section; but we resisted, and walked up the steep path below.

As soon as we hit the top of the chair lift, the gradient eased off and the mist lifted. We were suddenly hit with the sunshine. It made life very uncomfortable going forward. The ascent from here should have been relatively straightforward, but it was very slow going due to the heat. Arriving at the summit we felt overdressed in T-shirts and shorts!

We took an extended break to make sure we were taking on enough food and water before continuing on to the second Munro of the day; Creise.

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