Càrn nan Gobhar

[4 of 15]

5th August 2020

Munro number 4 of 15 brought with it a whole new level of midge madness!

A good track alongside Loch Mullardoch lead to the bottom of the Munro. A pathless ascent of a very wet and grassy hillside on a calm day resulted in swarms of midges! Unpleasant would be an understatement, but we powered on through and soon we were off the grassy section and onto the rocks . Thankfully we had left the midges behind. 

As we got close to the summit we entered the clouds, and the views soon completely disappeared. Fortunately we had read beforehand that the large cairn we arrived at as the gradient eased off is not actually the highest point! So we continued past this to find a more diminutive cairn on the real summit and ticked this one off. We didn't think it possible, but the midges were even worse on the way down!

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