Blà Bheinn

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31st August 2020

The second of the two Munros on Skye, and we could definitely still feel the effort from the day before in our legs!

A pretty walk through the purple heather led us to a valley which opened up into a great bowl at the base of the main section of the climb. The path briefly became less obvious but we could see the target point ahead and so made our way towards a daunting looking scree gully. 

The gully was certainly a challenge! It very much felt like "two steps forward, one step back". Thankfully it was a relatively short section, and we were through it fairly quickly. 

From here, the walk was a steep but reasonably straightforward climb up towards the summit. One final test just before the top meant some mild scrambling to pick the best way up and over some large boulders, but it didn't cause too many problems.

Thankfully the weather held for the whole ascent and we were rewarded with some absolutely incredible views.

A brilliant and successful weekend on Skye means that we will finish the year having completed 7/15 of Dad's Munros. Roll on 2021!

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