An Stùc

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18th July 2020

Finally we were able to take on our first Munro; An Stùc. It feels like it's been a long wait!

The weather was a bit changeable throughout the day, but never threatened to derail our plans. A reasonably gentle first half of the walk to the summit led us to Lochan nan Cat where we stopped for lunch. Things got distinctly more difficult from then on. A very steep and slippery ascent to the main ridge was testing to say the least! Once on the ridge the final ascent to the summit was fairly straightforward. As luck would have it, the clouds cleared and the wind dropped just as we reached the summit to give us some amazing views of the Lawers Range and beyond. We made good progress on the return journey, despite the same steep section seeming even worse on the way down!

All in all a great day out, and an amazing feeling to have ticked off the first of The Final 15!

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4th September 2021

Due to work commitments, Matt hadn't been able to join us for the ascent of An Stùc in 2020. He was desperate to complete all 15, so we vowed to return and make sure he could tick it off too. We took a different route second time around so we weren't retracing our steps; ascending the northeast face of An Stùc this time. The ascent was much steeper, but an enjoyable scramble to the top. Sadly the mist meant there wasn't much in the way of views, but it was great to know that Matt was now on course to finish the 15 at the same time as the rest of us!